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Before and after photos of some of our work – you can move the slider back and forward to see the difference.

We can remove paint from a painted surface

ECO Team working at Jacobs Ladder – an Edinburgh World Heritage / Edinburgh Council project

Work in progress at Jacob's Ladder

This video makes the removal of graffiti looks easy, but in reality, it is a significant challenge for the city. As seen here, specialist equipment has to be used, and we're happy to report that work has started at Jacob's Ladder, the pathway that connects Calton Road to Regent Road. We are working with the Council to ensure that eco-friendly chemicals are used in the graffiti-removal process that do not damage the stone underneath.We are also going to install lighting, repair the walls and footpath, repaint rusty railings and install signs at Jacob's Ladder. More updates to follow.

Posted by Edinburgh World Heritage on Sunday, 25 February 2018

We used our soda blasting system on a concrete area (Using water at end of nozzle too)

Aged graffiti at Jacobs Ladder Edinburgh- multiple layers of graffiti safely removed using Heritage approved chemicals and a steam low pressure
cleaning system to rinse off – called a Thermatech Cleaner (its an updated DOFF Cleaning system)

Clean to Heritage Building in the Grassmarket area of Edinburgh – removed graffiti and lightly cleaned the stonework using Thermatech Doff System


Removing graffiti on a rough surface with grass – no chemicals required just a quick blast clean.

Minutes later the graffiti is removed safely and quickly. We blended in the area afterwards. This was in East Kilbride for a property factor.

Thank you for looking at our work and please get in touch if you think we can help with any paint or graffiti removal in and around Edinburgh