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Graffiti & Paint Removal / Cleaning Services in Edinburgh, Midlothian and  Scotland.

Do you need help to remove Graffiti? Cleaning graffiti can be challenging depending on the paint type, the surface and how long it has been there. Clients use our services to deal with the removal of spray can paint, permanent marker pen, crayon, home DIY paints, etc. Removal on hard surfaces from brick, stone, metal surfaces, signage, cladding, brick, glass, and even perspex.

The process can deal with paint spills in the same manner.
Most importantly removing graffiti is not usually a DIY process  – the reason for that is it’s easy to cause damage. Get in contact with a photo for a quick quote.


ECO Pressure Clean has been removing Graffiti in and around Edinburgh since 2010. Because we provide a quick response to an attack and great service this has built up hundreds of satisfied commercial and residential clients. Many Edinburgh Property Managers and Factors call us out to help with graffiti. We always provide written quotations with clear pricing and advice.

Over 8 years of experience tells us the quicker a graffiti tag is removed the less likely a repeat attack is to happen.
It is also easier for us which means less costly for you. And the graffiti system used is the only one authorised to in Edinburgh World Heritage locations by Edinburgh Council to our knowledge.

Repeat Graffiti Attacks?

After a couple of removals take place the offenders usually move somewhere else. This fast response has worked well at the Royal Museum of Scotland at Chambers Street Edinburgh where we have been looking after the graffiti attacks for over a year. Our removal solutions are Heritage approved and do not cause damage to stonework.

Can you prevent graffiti tagging?

No, it seems to happen even in public places with security. However, we can also provide a clear safe protective coating which can help future Graffiti attempts. The coating keeps the paint on the surface making removal quicker and less expensive. In our experience the quicker a tag is removed the better – graffiti artists want to see their work when they pass by so by removing the tag they usually start going elsewhere. One tag usually means other artists want to add their own so leaving a graffiti tag usually means others will visit and spray their own tags.

The graffiti removal system chosen by Graffiti Removal Edinburgh (part of ECO Pressure Clean)  is combined with our ECO Pressure washing system. For the first time, we can provide an ECO safe system that removes graffiti from ALL surfaces without causing any damage.
We have the option of cold water or using our Thermatech / Doff machine to combine steam cleaning with safe chemical treatments. This works well on aged graffiti or tougher areas and to clean delicate stonework. If neither of these work we can use our own gentle Soda Blast system to clean the area.

This graffiti removal product is…
•Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, Non-flammable, Non-corrosive, pH neutral, water-soluble, REACH & CHIP compliant, biodegradable and environmentally sustainable. The same graffiti removal solution is used and recommended by thousands of contractors, schools, councils, and authorities worldwide.

If graffiti is a regular problem we can apply a special protective coating.

Environmental Responsibility

There are many different brands of graffiti removers to choose from. Some brands of graffiti removal chemicals are more effective than others, however, they may use harmful chemicals that can cause injury to both to users, other people, pets, plants and the environment in the immediate area. Using the wrong chemicals can cause permanent and irreversible damage. Our company motto is Cleaning that does not cost the Earth this is both a price and environmental statement.

Video and Photograph Gallery of work and before and after photographs that you can slide to view

Contacting Graffiti Cleaning in Edinburgh / East Scotland

All contact details are below to arrange a free consultation where we can discuss your requirements and provide an accurate quotation.
It would be helpful if you could send any photographs of the area(s) that you would like us to clean.

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“Cleaning that does not cost the Earth”

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